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Life Coaching and Interactive Guided Imagery SM

How would you like to enhance your:

Confidence  ***  Self-esteem

Spiritual Connection  ***  Creativity

Inner Mastery  ***  Relationships

 Intuition  ***  Learning Ability 

Life Coaching and Interactive Guided Imagery are useful tools in discovering:

  • Where to start when you have so many ideas you get "analysis paralysis".
  • The way out of a mental rut.
  • Supportive insights as well as ability to troubleshoot challenging situations.
  • The motivating factors behind your blockages and behaviors.

Do you have chronic pain and are looking for relief? 

  • Find insights on how to reduce stress and pain as well as find pain relief!   

IGI can also be used as a preoperative intervention to decrease state anxiety, analgesic use, pain and surgical wound erythema and lower cortisol levels in adult surgical patients. 

Interactive Guided ImagerySM (IGI) draws from many therapeutic modalities including Jungian analysis, psychosynthesis, Gestalt therapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and humanistic psychology.   In fact,  while engaged in an IGI training I learned about Psychosynthesis Life Coaching (which literally changed my life)! 

Using IGI, we can access the unconscious mind then explore the imagery that arises.  While there are similarities to hypnosis (the unconscious mind is accessed and you will be in a very relaxed state), it differs from hypnosis because it will be YOU who learn how to provide yourself with guidance by tapping into your own inner resources. 

IGI is useful for both children and adults. 

If you are looking to take yourself to the next level of Being, let's get you in for an appointment!

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