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Come be part of the excitement at Integrative Holistic Healing while you expand your creativity, inspire your imagination and reconnect with your Soul's truest expressionNot only are these classes fun, from an energy perspective these consciousness expanding gatherings facilitate a higher inner vibration to levels that support greater health and well-being.

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Full and New Moon Meditations                                                        TBA

Aligning your creative intentions with the moon cycles is considered by many to be a beneficial use of ancient wisdom.  At the New Moon we set the intention to create and manifest and at the Full Moon, we explore how on track we are and determine if there is a need for forgiveness so the blockages to our creation desire are released.  We will use ceremony, ritual, journaling, and conversation to tap into these powerful cyclical energies to enable connection with our higher wisdom and ability to manifest from that place.  Are you ready to take your dreams and goals to the next level?  

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