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March/April 2019

Come be part of the excitement at Integrative Holistic Healing while you expand your creativity, inspire your imagination and reconnect with your Soul's truest expressionNot only are these classes fun, from an energy perspective these consciousness expanding gatherings facilitate a higher inner vibration to levels that support greater health and well-being.

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New Moon Meditations                                                                    TBA

The New Moon is considered by many a time for new beginnings.  Using this powerful time, we will plant seeds of intention to connect with our higher wisdom and truest expression of self.  We will learn techniques to help us connect with our spiritual nature.  What are you ready to achieve?  Are you ready to take your dreams and goals to the next level?  

Sacred Revelations through JourneyDance™ & Drawing                   Tuesday 5/22/18 @ 7 pm

Soulful Awakenings, Belmar NJ

$35 offering

Using dance as the catalyst, we will create a sacred space to tap into our inner Tribal Elder.  We will advance further through that open door for deeper insights using music and guided imagery.  Since the unconscious mind longs for expression through movement, meditation and visual artistic expression,  those insights will then be expressed using color as you create an artistic rendering of your inspiration.  This "heart art" can become a touch stone to keep you on track as a mindful, conscious collaborator on life's journey.   In this sacred space, wisdom will be revealed, passion will be ignited and creativity explored.  Are you ready to manifest your story?





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