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"Since I am a nervous individual, I never believed I would be able to relax for a massage. To my surprise, it was not long before I felt more relaxed than I had in years. The annoying aches and pains in my body toned down. I really believe that massage helped me become more relaxed." - John R.

"Eve is a consummate professional who is attuned to the individual needs of her clients. She is warm, caring and relates well to all kinds of people. Regular massage has made a tremendous difference in my life; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have told her that I would give up my nails, the cleaning lady, but never massage!" - Linda J.

"It is difficult to slow down your thoughts and body functions in a world where demands on you seem never-ending. The quiet hour of reflection with Eve has made me more aware of myself, my inner thoughts and how stressed I can feel. Massage has taught me how to bring my body down to a calmer state, even between my sessions." - Jackie R.

"I came from a childhood of neglect and abuse. When I was in a marriage that was not healthy, I would accept abuse instead of saying 'no'. I first went for a massage when a counselor encouraged me to get nurturing touch from a safe person. Touch that I could count on being healthy and safe. Massage freed me to break the cyclical pattern of abuse and helped me to maintain my immune system through high stress times." - Name Withheld at Request

"Getting a massage is the best of hour of my month."  - Name Withheld at Request

"I have been coming to Eve for over 10 years.  My daughter gave me a gift certificate for Christmas and it was the best gift ever.  I have been having stiffness and pain in my hands and feet so Eve said "let's try a hand and foot reflexology session".  It's wonderful and has helped so much."  - Mary C.

About Champissage (Indian Head Massage):  "This seated massage involves treating all significant areas of stress retention and for me, relieved neck, shoulder, cranium and upper back tension.  The head massage feels glorious as occiput, temporalis and facial tension releases and cranial pressure lets go.  A good treatment for someone that doesn't wish to get on the massage table."  - Florence B.

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