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FYI about Reiki!

A Timeline of Reiki

The history of Reiki starts with Mikao Usui, born 1865 in Japan.  After fasting and meditating for 21 days, he came to conscious awareness of Reiki.  Soon after this he developed a training program to guide a person’s spiritual development through meditation, contemplation and Usui teate (Usui hands on healing method).    Before Usui passed in 1926, Churijo Hayashi, a Naval Surgeon and Soto Zen practitioner, became his student.    You might wonder about the connection with surgery and Reiki,... well it was not as unusual because naval officers at the time often used Reiki as first aid

After Usui passed, Hayashi came to be known for his teaching of Reiki and in 1931, he formed his own Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai (Hayashi’s Society for the Research of Spiritual Energy).  Having a vast medical background, Hayashi also wrote a text which included options for treatment of many disorders.

The next influencer in Reiki's history was first generation Japanese-American Hawayo Takata, born 1900 in Hawaii.    In 1935 after her husband’s death, a visit to Japan for her declining health issues  brought her to Hayashi’s clinic.  While regaining her health, her intrigue grew about Reiki’s healing ability.  Although customarily not permitted to be taught to foreigners, Takata became a student of Reiki with Dr. Hayashi.  After he passed in 1940, Takata was the sole source of Reiki training in the West.  Although she was traditionally trained in Reiki, there are indications she took creative liberty in modifying some protocols as she believed Westerners did not have an adequate understanding of the human energy system.

Reiki as taught under Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai has not left Japan nor is it traditionally taught to non-Japanese.  In this form of Reiki a devoted spiritual practice is included, the result of which is somatic and physical balance.  The form of Reiki that has been practiced in the West since the 1940’s and with which we are most familiar can be attributed to Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai with adaptations credited to Hawayo Takata.   As practiced in the West, this system of healing has been associated with the chakra system and focuses less on spiritual practice, more on therapeutic application. 

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health Practices have identified Reiki as a modality which interacts with energy fields, also called biofields, of the body.  In the East the basic premise for wellness suggests balance of one’s life force energy is key to well-being and that when in balance, the natural result is health in body and mind.  As we know, when stressors begin to accumulate in the system, turmoil is created resulting in disease or an imbalanced mind.   According to Pamela Miles:  “Reiki has the potential to rebalance the biofield at the deepest vibrational level, thereby removing the subtle causes of illness while enhancing overall resilience.”

One of the reasons people seek out CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) is that Western medicine often fails to address relief of disorders where the symptoms tend to be somatic and subjectively experienced.  These symptoms, (i.e., pain, anxiety, stress) often result in a lower level of quality of life for the individual.  Studies reveal that application of Reiki results in decreased heart and respiration rates, increased parasympathetic activity, and measurable reduction of anxiety as well as systolic blood pressure. For those that practice or have received Reiki, there is little doubt there are physiological and psychological benefits. I credit my personal Reiki practice with managing stress, anxiety and pain.  The deep level of relaxation brought by the experience of a Reiki session activates the parasympathetic nervous system while reducing autonomic nervous system response,  This is good RX for a higher level quality of life.  For this reason alone, Reiki can serve as a valuable adjunct therapy to allopathic medicine.   

In addition to being a Reiki Master Teacher I have been trained to incorporate Reiki with Guided Imagery.  The premise in this regard:  there are ultimately two ways to face a situation we would rather not.  We can be fearful and anxious or we can create and focus on a scenario which is an absolute alternate possibility.  The situation may not be changeable however, our response to the situation is the only thing we have an option to transform.

Using this powerful combination of Reiki and Guided Imagery, a person can transform an undesirable situation into something manageable.  Through a guided imagery process, we will access the incredible power of the mind to address uncertainties ranging from health issues (i.e., surgery, illness,... ) to stressful circumstances (flying, job interview, taking a test,...).  Combining this with Reiki, we create an inner environment of peacefulness and safety.  It is here that we, working together, can restructure concerns then create and implement a scenario of power and strength. 

Testimonials for Reiki and Guided Imagery

Linda W says:  "I had a history of traumatic events with going to the dentist. So much so that even a cleaning at the dentist would have me sleepless and nervous prior to the visit. I spoke with Eve about the anxiety I was experiencing, and decided to give the guided imagery a try. I know of the power of the mind, and that your thoughts create your reality, but as much as I tried to talk myself into not being fearful of the dentist visit, it just wasn't working. After a phone consult and interview with Eve, we scheduled an appointment. 

The session was extremely relaxing, but also empowering. The combination of the Reiki with the imagery session allowed the suggestions to go so deep into my being, that I could feel the transformation in thought from just the one session. I practiced my imagery session every day and upon the day of my dentist appointment, went in confidently, without anxiety. And the procedure went flawlessly. During the procedure, when my mind would slip to the place of fear, I was able to cancel it out with my more powerful tool of the imagery now imbibed in my memory. The session was truly transformational and I would highly recommend guided imagery for anyone wishing to shift from a current negative state into a more empowered state of being."  

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Nicole B wrote:  "I just graduated college, was studying for my CPA exam, whilst moving out and starting my career. I was having a hard time focusing on the exam and Eve suggested I try a Reiki and Imagery session. She helped me correlate things together such as a ring I wore that brought me strength and the color green that made me think of success. I tried the Imagery session the night before my exam and I truly believe my exam day was more successful because of her. 

Going into my exam, I was most worried about being too nervous and unable to focus because of the nervousness. I sat down at the exam seat and looked at the computer and remembered all the key points Eve pointed out to me the previous night. I felt more relaxed and that was key to my exam. She also gave me a cotton ball with a relaxing essential oil blend to put into my shirt. I correlated the smell, the ring, and the color green to my future success and my ability to stay calm and collected during the exam. I still use the essential oil blend when I need to focus."

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Elisabeth B said:  "I have been a client of Eve's for years. I have received various services from her, including massage, Reiki, aromatherapy and guided relaxations. As a clinician, I appreciate Eve's attentiveness to detail and ongoing commitment to developing her skills as a healer and massage therapist. Recently, I moved from New Jersey to New York City. Before taking my state boards, I contacted Eve to setup a guided relaxation over the phone the night before. She immediately relieved my excessive stress and worries through a soothing hour long, customized practice. She provided practical energetic tools for emotional regulation during the exam and I am thrilled to say that I passed with a very high score. I have Eve to thank as a healer and guiding light in my life. She is highly skilled in a variety of healing techniques. I highly recommend her Reiki and guided imagery services. She is a true healer and energetic master."

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